Last Update: June 22, 2016
Special Appeals

Here Khabbar will publish the latest appeals or advertisements that could not be published in the printed version of the latest Khabbar. These appeals will be on the web for about 3 months from the effective date.
1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum of Indian History
2. Seva Sudha Prathisthan
3. APPEAL: Jeernodhara Samithi Konkani Mutt Sri Venkataramana Temple, Kaup, Udupi District 574 106
4. Shri Bhauvanendra Medical Mission Appeal:                                                                                                                              Click above to get more info

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum of Indian History:
                                                                         Click above to get more info
Dear Vasanth:
I am writing to you about a unique museum - ChhatrapatiShivaji Museum of Indian History being built by Mr. Francois Gautier in Pune, India. Mr. Gautier, if you do not know about him, in brief, is a Frenchman who made India his home at the age of 19, influenced by Sri Aurobindo's teachings. He lives in Auroville but being a journalist shuttles between New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune (for the museum). Early on, he realized that the history that is being taught in our schools does not tell the whole story. He is a great admirer of Shivaji, and in his view, Shivaji should be to Indians what Napoleon Bonaparte is to the French. So he decided to build a museum to honor him and bring to light the full history of India by organizing various exhibits of the forgotten people and events in our history. His latest - Vedas is funded but he is now looking for funding the Portuguese Inquisition consisting of 100 sq. meters of space with 50 paintings which will be costing approximately $11,000. There is a special honor for any individual, or family that would be interested in funding the entire amount ($11,000) and the Pavilion will be named after the donor, both outside and with a special panel inside.
My wife, Chandrakala Kamath, has been working as a volunteer Treasurer, coordinator with FACT USA, a non-profit organization with 501(c) 3 that is raising funds in USA for the museum. He is yet to start work on the permanent building that will house these exhibits. That is expected to cost between Rs.11 and 12 crores. We can send more information if you think that this would interest Khabbar readers.
This is the link to FACT (India).

Below is Mr. Gautier's information:
François Gautier
Rédacteur en Chef La Revue de l'Inde
Editions de l'Harmattan
41 Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003, Inde
(91) 9343538419

I will send pictures of some of the paintings of the exhibition, an architect's sketch for the permanent museum, and in short, details about Mr. Gautier to any of the Konkanis interested.
 Please let me know if you would like me to send you any more information.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Yashavanth Kamath

PS: People in North America, interested to know more about the matter can write to or call my wife at (609)-240-3394 or email her at:  cykamath@gmail.com


Dear Vasanthmaam,

This mail comes to you on reference from Rajesh Mallya, who has mentioned the services you have been rendering to the GSB community. I have also copied AthulKudva who is one of the key persons associated in setting up this Prathishthan& spearheading this initiative.
SudhaSevaPrathishthan is a central platform to facilitate and empower all GSB entities to coordinate align and allocate their resources in the most efficient and optimum manner so as to ensure 360 degree development of the GSB community.

This is set up under the holy guidance of Shrimad SamyamindraThirthaSwamijiMathadipathi of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan Varanasi.

You can visit Prathishthan website- http://sudhasevaprathishthan.org/  for more details.

Prthishthan'sintitiatives will start off with a grand sammelan details of which are as follows. We propose to bring all the organizations engaged in the activities of GSBs all over the world to the fore front to bring awareness about the services they have been rendering to the community in the past. In this regard we request your organization  to actively participate in this sammelan .  Kindly furnish us the details of your organization & also the activities & services rendered by it in the past & your proposed initiatives in the future so as to enable us to show case the same to the community. We also kindly request you to publish details of our Prathisthan&Sammelan in "Khabbar" to spread the awareness of this social initiative. Kindly revert back if you need more details or any clarifications.

Sammelan is scheduled to be held from April 22-24 in Mangalore.  Main focus areas of the sammelan will be Education, Employment opportunities, Entrepreneurship, healthcare facilities, Culture & Heritage, Food. Valedictory function will be held on April 24th in the divine presence of Shrimad SamyamindraThirthaSwamijiMathadipathi of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan Varanasi.

SudhaSevaSammellan (“Organized by SudhaSevaPrathishthan”)

- A confluence of hearts and minds…


Every village, town and city today has multiple organizations including Temples, GSB Sabhas, BhajanaMandirs, NGOs, Educational and Charitable trusts, that have come up with the purpose of religious, social and economic development of the community. These organisations are the back bone of our community. Each one these have been doing and continue to do great work for the community.

But there is very little awareness about the work being done by the various organizations/entities amongst the masses.

SudhaSevaSammellan is an attempt to bring them to the forefront and let our community masses take notice and avail the maximum benefit out of these organizations’ services. The Sammellan will bring together the organizations, the people behind them and the community at large under the same roof and allow for meaningful interaction between the two.

The Sammellan will also invite eminent GSB personalities from various walks of life who will share their vast experience and learnings with our youth and inspire them to succeed against all odds.

Soliciting your wholehearted support & participation in this noble initiative.

Thanks & regards






Dear and respected Devotees,
It is our pleasure to have inherited exclusive Kuladevatha by the divine blessings of Lord Parushurama and to have our own Gurupeetha and Ishtadevatha. While we should be proud of our ancestors for having bestowed such legacy on us, we are duly bound to preserve this great inheritance.
The Konkani Mutt Sri Venkataramana Temple is having a history of about two century. Lord Hayagreeva along with Lord of Seven Hills Sri Venkataramana as the presiding deity here and the GSBs of Kaup have worshipped Shree Mahalaxmi in the form of Sri Hale Marlyamma.
According to available records, in 1790 the Konkani Mutt Venkataramana Temple came into existence with Lord Shree Hayagreeva and Lord Venkataramana as the Presiding deity. According to noted historian Dr. Padur Gururaj Bhat, the idol of Lord Hayagreeva belongs to about 15th century. In the year 1876 Lord Mukhyaprana is consecrated here as Parivara Devatha. Later in the year 1936, His Holiness Srimad Sukrateendra Thirtha Swamiji, Matadhipathi of Shree Kashi Mutt Samsthan consecrated the present temple.
Now, this eight decade old structure has become dilapidated and needs urgent attention. The tens of Kaup have formed a Jeernodhara Samithi and with the choicest blessings of Sri Samsthan Kashi Matadhipathi His Holiness Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji and their Pattashishya Srimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji begun their work with all earnestness. After consulting Engineers and Vastu experts a blue print has been prepared for the Renovation of the Temple. According to estimates it may reach nearly Rs. 5.50 crores.
The Committee requests all Samaj Bandhavas to extend their whole hearted support for this noble and divine cause and invoke the blessings of Sri Hari-Guru.
President and members                                                         Managing Trustee and Trustees               
                  President & members
Jeernodhara Samithi S V T Kaup                                        Board of management S V T Kaup               
                Mumbai and Bangalore Jeernodhara sub Samithi

Devotees can send donations in the name of “JEERNODHARA SAMITHI SRI VENKATARAMANA TEMPLE KAUP” by way of Cheque/D D.
In case of NEFT/RTGS transfer please note the details below:
 IFSC Code: CORP0000238
A/C NO: 023800101025345

2)     Syndicate Bank :      A/c Name : JEERNODHARA SAMITHI  S V TEMPLE KAUP
IFSC Code: SYNB0000125
A/C NO: 01252200124880

Contact in USA: MuralidharShenoy, 1609 Cultivar Ln,Durham, NC 27713
Ph: 919-484-0363 and Email: mks_us@yahoo.com