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North American Konkani Newsletter
January, February, March - 2020    

Quarterly Newsletter
For Circulation to the Konkani Community in North America
Honorary Editor: Mr. Vasanth Bhat
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 222
Lake Jackson, TX 77566-0222
Tel: (979)-299-3210
Email: khabbar@gmail.com  
Annual Subscription: $15.00
Make check payable to "Khabbar" & mail to P.O.Box 222, Lake Jackson, TX 77566-0222
The Editorial Committee reserves the right to exclude, edit and correct all material received for publication and does not accept any responsibility for views expressed by authors of the publications.
Last update: June 16, 2020

Note: ekhabbar, the web edition of Khabbar is published on the web a quarter after the hard copy of Khabbar has been mailed to ALL dues paying families in North America. Families wanting to get the latest issue of Khabbar, please, click SUBSCRIPTION FORM .